Kayaking in the South of Sri Lanka – Rekawa Lagoon

Sri Lanka has always been famous for its water sports. From surfing, white-water rafting, canoeing, kayaking to extreme sports like wind-surfing, this small island is bursting with so many water bodies which offer such exciting adventures for the traveler. Among many of these water sports, kayaking is one of the safest and the most calming experiences for those who seek a more laid-back, relaxed type of adventure.

Kayaking is considered as a meditation in some parts of the world. Sri Lanka offers so many freshwater bodies fit for gentle kayaking experiences such as large rivers with slow waters, vast lakes that spread all the way to the horizon as well as lagoons surrounded by rich mangrove forests, which bustle with life. Sri Lankan rivers and lagoons are highly sought after for its mangrove forests because they offer refuge to so many faunae, such as various kinds of water birds, eagles, turtles, fish, crab, monitors and even crocodiles.

When you visit Sri Lanka, you can find a lot of lagoons centered around the area of Bentota, where it is famous for all kinds of water sports. However, if you are looking for a more relaxed kayaking experience away from all the hustle and bustle, then you should be travelling all the way to the Southern coast of Sri Lanka, Tangalle.

A few kilometers away from Tangalle, lies the small village of Rekawa, where it is famous for its unspoiled, tranquil beaches and water bodies that bustle with life. In Rekawa, the famous Rekawa Lagoon is separated from the ocean only by a small strip of beach and it is known as one of the most relaxing locations on the island for a perfect, peaceful kayaking trip. The lagoon is rich with an extraordinary blend of biodiversity as it is extremely close to the ocean, unlike many other lagoons you find in the country.

Rekawa Lagoon is a biodiversity hotspot. It has a water surface area of 2.4 km2 and it is nurtured by a small inland waterway, Kirama-Oya river, making it a home for both sea water and freshwater creatures. Rekawa Lagoon is very shallow when compared with other lagoons in the country, with an average depth of just 4.6 feet. However, as small as the lagoon is, it has become a focal point of many environmental conservation projects because of the flora and fauna that adjourn the lagoon, especially the mangrove forests.

The ecosystem at Rekawa Lagoon can only be fully appreciated by taking a quiet paddle through the calming waters. The lagoon is surrounded by a rich mangrove forest and it is connected to the Indian Ocean by a small inland waterway. The Lagoon is flourished with various kinds of cranes, eagles, fish and crab, with the occasional monitor. It is a breathtaking place to be kayaking in during the evening hours, where the paddler will be able to witness one of the most mesmerizing sunsets in their lifetime. The main livelihood of the local lagoonal community is shrimp fishery. For those who go there during the shrimp season, which spreads from October to April, they will be able to see many shrimp fisheries in the lagoon.

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