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  • Ridiyagama Safari Park – Sri Lanka’s First-Ever Safari Experience

    Being a tropical paradise with abundant flora and fauna found all over the island, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer when it comes to observing wildlife. There are numerous forest reserves and jungles in almost every district of the country, varying from dry zone shrub forests to wet zone rainforests. But what about man-made […]

  • Rock Temple of the South – Mulkirigala

    Mulkirigala Raja Maha Viharaya, an ancient temple built on a 673ft high rock, is identical to world-famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress, earning itself the name ‘Little Sigiriya’ by locals. Although not as famous as Sigiriya, Mulkirigala is a prominent landmark in the Buddhist history of Sri Lanka. While Sigiriya Rock Fortress is famous for its cultural […]

  • Kayaking in the South of Sri Lanka – Rekawa Lagoon

    Sri Lanka has always been famous for its water sports. From surfing, white-water rafting, canoeing, kayaking to extreme sports like wind-surfing, this small island is bursting with so many water bodies which offer such exciting adventures for the traveler. Among many of these water sports, kayaking is one of the safest and the most calming […]